Secondary Programmes

We have experienced, knowledgeable tutors available for a variety of high school subjects.

SECONDARY STUDENTS have the option to purchase a workbook that they can write in and take home. These books match the school curriculum and are particularly useful when studying for tests and exams. Keeping in touch with your child's teachers, allows us to prepare them thoroughly for internal and external standards.


Years 9-13

Statistics – Calculus - Algebra


Years 9-13

Comprehension – Essay Writing – Literature Study


NCEA Levels 1-3

Cash management – Accounting concepts – Accounting processes


NCEA Levels 1-3

Economic concepts - Markets – Consumer/Producer choices


NCEA Level 2 & 3

Waves – Electricity - Mechanics


NCEA Level 2 & 3

Oxidation & Reduction – Bonding structures – Chemical processes


NCEA Levels 2 & 3

Genetics – Plants & Animals – Life processes

Music Theory

NCEA Level 1 - 3

Context – Musical conventions – Aural & Theoretical skills

Other subjects

All levels

Dependant on the availability of tutors, which changes from term to term. Please phone or email for more information, and we will do our best to cater to your child.